Any number of factors can contribute to this problem, soil type, wind induced waves, landscape contour and runoff, storm water runoff as well as the lack of vegetation.

Over time eroded banks of ponds/lakes and stream beds become steep and difficult to maintain. The stream beds widen, silt flushes down stream and sediment is deposited into down stream ponds which increases cost and frequency of pond maintenance.

DSC Aquatic Solutions does an analysis on your erosion problem to determine the specific cause for the erosion. We determine the type of soil, the energy level of the water, where or how water enters your system. We look for undercutting of the bank as well as determine if shore line plantings are needed.

Our goal is to restore eroded shorelines and stream banks to a more natural condition using biodegradable products. And if using plant materials in a stabilization plan our emphasis is always on using native plants where possible. This helps to ensure plants thrive in their environment.


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