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The ponds don’t just look healthier, they are healthier,... This biological cleaning controls algae and duckweed, increases water clarity and ups the oxygen levels that are critical for fish and plant life. And it costs about half of what we used to spend for mechanical dredging. Plus, it’s much less labor intensive for us.


DSC Aquatic Solutions, Inc. is a professional full service lake and pond management company, fully licensed and certified. We specialize in Biological Dredging, Aquatic plant Management, Erosion Control and Shoreline Restoration. Our expertise has earned us the trust of our customers which include golf courses, commercial properties, municipal parks and recreation centers, private home owners, residential HOA’s , and the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

Biological Dredging
All natural, environmentally safe process producing a healthy ecosystem.
Aquatic Plant Management
Algae and Aquatic weed control
Erosion Control
Returning shorelines to their more natural conditions.


100 geese produce 2,250 lbs. of droppings per month, 27.375 lbs. per year. One goose excretes 10 lbs. of nitrogenous waste per year.

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